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Book Review: Dark Sky (2017) Mike Brooks

Dark Sky(2017) Mike Brooks

Ichabod Drift and his zany crew of miscreants are back for another story. They are offered a sum to go to a mining planet and collect information about the productivity and bring it back before the big storm hits the mining planet and seals off all communication. The client can then make a highly specific investment knowing the data before any one else. Sounds sort of like Trading Places without the gorilla (oh wait there is Apriana). Surprise surprise. Things do not go as expected. Not only do they meet their archenemy in port there is the start of a revolution of the workers. Of all the luck. Tamara teams up with the revolutionaries and Ichabod with the police. Jenna plays a key role. Apriana (A) gets the chance to be integrated into the tech cult but turns them down (why?). Jenna and A finally start something up. All in all a fun book. More please.

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