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Book Review: Exodus (2017) Alex Lamb

Exodus (2017) Alex Lamb

Will Kono-Monet versus Superior Nada (Sounds like a nightmare Catholic Nun). Or is it Mark Ruiz and Ann Ludec versus the Photurians (The Borg). Wait maybe all of the above versus the Transcended. Be prepared for all of the above. At the end of Nemesis Will becomes a captive of Snake Pit by the Transcended. In Exodus it turns out Snake Pit has become “Will World” with many variants of Will and a meta expression named “Balance” that polices the rest. Meanwhile, Mark, Ann, and Ira set off with a few expendables to reach Snake Pit and Will through the back door and at the same time lead the Photorian Fleet into dead space. Oh and they just happen to “find” Rachel cryo-preserved after 40 years. They did not count on Superior Nada - a semi-independent Phot who eventually blends the Photorian psyche with that of Will World to form her own collective of Nada clones.

What kind of deal can Will and / or Mark work out with the Transcended to stop Nada from taking over everyone? Spoiler Alert - How can all of the main characters survive in this incredibly hostile galaxy? Maybe you like fairytale endings but come on…

A nice wrap-up of a very good Sci Fi trilogy. Alex Lamb does a great job of bringing the characters to life while describing the battle scenes and the virtual worlds with vivid detail. I’ll take another please.

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