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Book Review: Nemesis (2016) Alex Lamb

Nemesis (2016) Alex Lamb

The most be a thousand books with this title. Sci Fi, fantasy, fiction, and non-fiction. Come on! Can’t we do a little better? Anyway. Part 2 of the Roboteer (I do like that title even though it is stolen from a Disney movie) Trilogy. Will Kuno-Monet finished the Roboteer as the most powerful man alive infected with smart cells given him by the Transcended. Well he is finding living as the super being in a world of not super beings is not so easy. He makes his wife Rachel so frustrated that she gets lost exploring the edge of the galaxy. Mark Ruiz is a new character - a pseudo-son to Will who is a “super” Roboteer. A strong willed pilot who gets assigned to help lead a mission to explore a possible new alien contact. Will is also on the mission. Unfortunately, all is not as it seems and the whole thing is a ploy to destroy Earth and allow Galatea to rule. Of course, the whole thing backfires and a real alien menace is released. Think the “Borg” only they are called the Photurions. Their home-world is a world of tubular structures called “Snake Pit”. The key to salvation (maybe) is control of this world. Watch out for Anne Ludec.

Alex Lamb writes long detailed books. I love it. It makes the scenes very real to me. Others might find it a burden and too slow. I think this is similar to Covey’s Expanse series and is ripe for development.

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