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MoonBreaker (2017) Simon R. Green

MoonBreaker (2017) Simon R. Green

Another installment of Simon Green’s SF/Fantasy spoof on 007 / James Bond. There are of course the references to Dickens – Edwin / Eddie Drood. It is a direct sequel to Dr. Doa in the Secret History series. Aided by his terrifying girlfriend – Molly Metcalf – Witch of the Wild Woods – our hero (Eddie Drood) has to battle his must dangerous adversary ever - HIMSELF. Well, not exactly himself but copy of him from another reality where the Drood family is not so community minded and goes by the name of Edmund Drood. Edmund not only fatally poisons Eddie but lets all the nasty surprises out at Drop manor. Things like Demon-Droods and Angel-Droods (guess which is worse). This book has a new feature – Morgana Le Fay. She has been trapped in the Merlin Glass and is key to the resolution of this book. How does Eddie turn the tables on Edmund and stay around for the final book of the series - Night Fall?



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