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For we are Many - The Bobiverse Book 2 (2017) Dennis E. Taylor

For We Are Many. The Bobiverse Book 2 (2017) Dennis E. Taylor

For We are Many -  The Bobiverse Book 2

The Bobiverse expands! There is now Bob, Bill, Will Ricker (Number 1), Homer, Howard, Mario, Hungry, Sleepy - It goes on and on. They are making significant progress. Building androids, real-time communication over vast distances, new habitable worlds, and no budding civilizations.

Unfortunately there are some significant obstacles. There are some dissident elements in the Earth remnants that are causing havoc. They don’t think any humans should remain to foul up universe. Inconvenient concept when your purpose is to save humanity. In outer space the “others” are becoming a BIG concern and will surely be the focus of Book 3. The Others are a hive mind that are bent on consuming the universe. Everything is either food, a pest, or to be ignored. Humanity has become both so is the next dish on the menu.

I wondered how Dennis Taylor would handle a second book. I think adding the ‘Others’ will really give this project some focus and serve as a test for the replicants. The showdown loams in Book 3.

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