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War Dogs (2014) Greg Bear

War Dogs (2014) Greg Bear

Skyrine (Marine in the sky – get it?) Michael Venn is the here of this series. Aliens land on Earth and give us many new things but there is a catch. Remember the Twilight Zone where generous aliens help us and the “Holy Book” is called “To Serve Man” -Turns out it is a cook book.

Well this is almost that bad. The catch here is that there is another alien race which was thought to be hostile and have the convenient name “Antags”. While they are fighting on Mars, Venn and his troup find an artifact called the Drifter which leads to interesting side effects and the next two books - Killing Titan and Take Back the Sky.

I found the description of life in a suit, fighting the elements as well as the Antags for their lives, well done. Some of the plot got confusing but I hung in there and it made sense. You should hang in there too . It is worth the effort.

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